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Parish Group Leader is Lisa Enerson

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  • High School week (HS2) $150, June27-July 2 at St. Francis Xavier in Cross Plains (2020-21 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Graders)

  • Middle School week (MS2) $110, July 6-9 in Watertown (2020-21 6th,7th & 8th Graders)

Learn more about LBH & view the Promo Video HERE and HERE!

Great Memories in Montello 2018! I cannot wait for 2019! What a great group of kids!

When registering put "Lisa Enerson" in for contact person for HS & MS. Before beginning registration, we would like for parents to read this INFO GUIDE! There's a page for new families and a page for returning families. After familiarizing yourself with that guide, head to our website to be taken to the online registration platform. If you are interested in becoming a lead missionary please contact Lisa Enerson to learn more after you watch THIS video. 

Love Begins Here....changing one heart at a time.

Love Begins Here launched on June 21, 2009. That summer, 56 missionaries took to the streets of the Madison Diocese. After seven years of growth and guidance from the Holy Spirit, over 820 missionaries served on the LBH trips in 2018. To this date, Love Begins Here has given well over 96,500 hours of service to those in need - materially and spiritually - in the Madison Diocese. While those statistics are incredible and the Lord has blessed us abundantly, it is even more exciting to recall the changes we have seen in the hearts of the young people who have joined us. Won't you consider joining this excitement this summer? If you are interested in learning more please contact (608)643-4062 or visit the Diocesan website HERE.

“I don't think I had ever seen how beautiful the Catholic Church could be. I never thought I could fall more in love with my faith, but this trip surpassed all my expectations.” - Corinne, First Year Lead Missionary

“To me, LBH means giving of ourselves to Christ and others, thus bringing glory to Him, who loved us first. We learn how to better love others and to expand our heart’s capacity to love. ‘We are the ones who enjoy life most’ because we live our lives to the fullest, the way we are meant to live.” - Ryan, First Year Missionary

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