Immaculate Conception

Actualizado: 1 de dic de 2018

DECEMBER 8, 2018

Holy Day of Obligation

Friday, Dec. 7th

Vigil Mass - 6:30 PM

Saturday, Dec. 8th

8:00 AM

4:30 PM

Fulfilling the Obligation Since the Immaculate Conception and the Sunday (like all Sundays) are both holy days of obligation, the faithful are obliged to attend Mass twice over the course of the weekend to fulfill the two obligations. The obligation for the Immaculate Conception is fulfilled by attending any Mass on Friday evening or any time on Saturday, even if the readings for the feast are not used, and the Sunday obligation is fulfilled by attending any Mass on Saturday evening or all day Sunday, even if the readings for the Sunday are not used. Thus, the dual obligations could be fulfilled by attending Mass on separate days (e.g., Friday evening and Sunday morning, Saturday morning and Sunday morning), or even twice on the same day (Saturday morning and Saturday evening), but not by attending just one Mass.

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