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Donations to the Divine Mercy Endowment Fund stay invested – becoming a permanent legacy to support the life of Divine Mercy Parish.

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Origin & Purpose

Queen of All Saints Parish in Fennimore, Wisconsin, has established an endowment fund through the Catholic Diocese of Madison Foundation (CDMF). The endowment fund is a permanent investment fund from which a 5% distribution is made available annually to support the life and programs of Queen of All Saints Parish. The contributions to the fund are never spent, and the fund is insulated from any legal claims against the parish or diocese. Donors can be assured that their gifts will be a permanent legacy to support the work of the Church in Fennimore. All donations made to Queen of All Saints Parish Endowment Fund are tax deductible. If you would like to read more about the endowment fund, you may download or print an informational brochure (PDF format).


How it Works


How to Contribute


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the present corpus of Queen of All Saints Parish Endowment Fund?

Though recently established, the endowment fund has $235,000 in assets.


Why should donors consider an endowment rather than an outright gift?


With an endowment, the gift stays permanently invested. An annual distribution from the income generated by the fund supports the life and work of the parish indefinitely.


Can the parish or diocese ever claim funds from the endowment, in all or in part?


No. As a legally established investment contract, the endowment can never be closed or used in any way other than specified at its establishment.


Is there a minimum amount that can be given?


No. Contributions of any size are gratefully accepted.


Should I consult my own lawyer or financial advisor before making a contribution?


It is important for donors to feel completely comfortable in their relationship with the endowment fund. Though the fund utilizes the services of top professionals in the legal, accounting, and financial planning fields, donors should use their own lawyer, CPA, certified financial planner or life insurance professional to review arrangements and prepare the appropriate documents.

Do I have to be Catholic in order to make a contribution?


No. Queen of All Saints Endowment Fund welcomes participation from anyone who has an interest in helping support the work of the Church.

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